Current Research

The ANSRP provides USACE managers and operational personnel with innovative technologies regarding risk assessment, prevention strategies, species history/ecological data, and cost-effective, environmentally sound options for managing aquatic nuisance species.

Current research efforts target prevention methodologies such as evaluating dispersal barrier techniques for immobilizing Asian carp and other invasive fish; strategies for mitigating aquatic nuisance species impacts; new control strategies for managing invasive zebra and quagga mussels and harmful algae and cyanobacteria; and methods that reduce invasive species impacts to threatened and endangered species and restore natural habitats.

A link to the ERDC Wiki page for each research effort is provided.

Extreme Biology of Asian Carp and Optimization of Population Management Practices  (Fact Sheet)
    PIs: Jan Hoover, Catherine Murphy, and Jack Killgore
Submersed Metals as Management Tools for Sea Lamprey  (Fact Sheet)
    PIs: Jan Hoover, Alan Katzenmeyer, and Jack Killgore
Zebra Mussel Mitigations - Durable and Non-Toxic Anti-Macrofouling Technologies to Protect Critical Hydraulic Structures (SON 2017-N-26)  (Fact Sheet)
    PIs: Charlie Marsh and Irene MacAllister (ERDC-CERL)